About Hookah

Hookah, a smoking device, is also called in a number of different ways such as shisha (Persian name), nargiles(Indian name). This article is going to introduce the hookah in terms of four aspects, which are the history of hookah, the structure and operation of hookah, and the preparation of a hookah. Some suggestions on how to enhance the experience of hookah smoking will be given at the end.


When looking at the history of Hookahs, we can’t lose sight of India, where the hookah was originated in. Hookah was widely accepted by Indian people. Cafés, restaurants, clubs and bars in India also offered hookahs for their customers. After Hookah was spread to Iran and Arab world, it was developed in Turkey around 16th century. There, the design of the hookah is no longer crude and became more similar to today’s hookah. Later on, Hookah became more and more popular in other Middle Eastern countries. Now, Hookah is used by people in over 15 countries all over the world.

Structure and Operation

A hookah usually consists of seven main units. They from top to bottom are the bowl, the plate, the body tube, the gasket, the hose, the valve, and the water jar.  Every unit has its own function. They are all essential for the operation of the hookah besides the plate, which is placed under the bowl and used for ‘dead’ coals from last smoking. The first step to operate the hookah is placing the tobacco into the bowl.  Then, put the burning charcoal on the tobacco. Once the smoker inhales through the hose, the smoke passes through the body tube and the gasket, and then into the water jar. As the smoke bubbles up and fills the top of the jar, it goes into the smokers lungs.


Before prepare a hookah, you need to wash the hookah and make sure it is clean. Then you can start the journey. The first step is to fill fresh water into the vase. Then, the middle section will need to be placed. After that, you need to place the plate and the hose. Put tobacco into the bowl followed by placing the aluminum foil on the top of the bowl. You may also need to put the holes on the aluminum foil. The final step is to light coals and put them on the top of the hookah. Now you can enjoy it.

Techniques of Hookah Smoking

To enhance the experience of hookah smoking, you can add some ices into the water and chill the hose before smoking. You can also add extra fruit juice or wine to the water. Moreover, as every smoker has his/her different favor, you can combine tobacco flavors to create your own flavor.